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Stuart & Maury, Inc. has established a commendable reputation with more than 50 years of successful experience and service in managing hundreds of rental properties. We have earned this reputation by adhering to a strict code of ethics, maintaining a trained property management staff, and dealing fairly with both owners and tenants. We are skilled at obtaining and thoroughly checking out suitable tenants. We are able to maintain the highest possible net income for a property by keeping collection losses to a minimum and bringing about effective savings on maintenance.

We can efficiently handle tenant requests and complaints, negotiate new and renewal leases, obtain prompt rental payments, inspect properties for good appearance, supervise all repairs, and assist owners in their compliance with federal and state regulations. In short, we relieve our owners of the worry connected with rental property. Our average rental price per month is approximately $2,700 per home.

Our property manager, Mrs. Susan Bader has been with the firm since 1982. We believe that the continuity established by these long-term commitments is a critical aspect of our success and should play a major part in any decision making you may consider about our firm. The individuals that you judge in selecting a given firm own the company, or, in the case of Ms. Bader, have been with the company for over 20 years. Nothing is more important in property management than experience, integrity and consistency of service. When property managers are constantly changed, the history of repairs and tenant complaints are constantly lost and the quality of service drops dramatically. We pride ourselves on the fact that we know the names of every tenant and landlord.

Stuart & Maury, Inc. manages 80 properties, almost all of which are located within a short radius of Washington, D.C. We are intimately familiar with the quality of both the housing and the communities where that housing is located. We are perfectly suited, as a smaller management firm, to provide you with the attention and commitment necessary to expertly handle your property. Our clients are Ambassadors, top-level Foreign Service personnel, diplomats, World Bank and IMF employees, and investors living in other areas of the country and literally around the world. They have sought out our firm for the unparalleled service we provide.

We believe that our size is an enormous advantage to landlords. We are able to offer landlords all the necessary services that a large company offers, such as full Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS), the largest database of regional real estate information in the world, providing us with cooperation with literally thousands of agents and hundreds of firms serving the Washington metropolitan area. We also provide liberal, intelligent advertising and thorough and complete professional credit checks and application analysis. We are not overwhelmed with hundreds of properties. It has become customary in the last two decades for large companies to purchase existing management accounts from smaller firms, thereby raising their number of management accounts into the 300 to 2,000+ range. We ask you to consider whether affiliating with a company that manages so many properties offers you any advantage whatsoever.

Our property manager, Ms. Bader is one of the most honest, professional, and respected managers working in property management in the Washington area. Ms. Bader’s philosophy is to treat every property as if it were her own. That’s a common claim in our industry but one that large corporations rarely deliver on. Only a company of our size can honestly make a commitment that the principals of the firm, along with a dedicated, long-standing property manager, will provide you with personal, constant attention. In summary, your real estate investment will be preserved, protected, and enhanced by engaging Stuart & Maury, Inc.

Stuart & Maury, Inc. Realtors was founded in 1956 by William C. Stuart Sr. and Deane Maury. Mr. Maury continues to serve as President of the firm and Mr. Stuart Sr. Acts as both a salesperson and a trusted advisor. Additionally, Mr. Maury’s son Matthew, has acted as Vice President of the firm since 1980, selling over $135,000,000 worth of property. Stuart & Maury, Inc., Realtors specializes in the management of properties in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Northwest Washington.


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